Deolali Camp

Deolali camp is a small hill station located away from the cacophony of the urban cities all around it. The greeneries of Sahyadri have left its trace in this tiny, secluded town as well. This popular weekend getaway within around 150 kilometres from big cities like Mumbai and Pune has been a significant military centre ever since the days of the British. In fact, it is among the oldest army cantonments of the country. However, the reason people visit Deolali the most is because of its healing factor.

The town has many health resorts and sanatoriums and is known for its clean, fresh air which is recommended for stress relief and rehabilitation. Anyone going through a difficult mental phase or recovering from a tough illness or just simply looking for a peaceful retreat will find Deolali Camp and its surroundings the perfect place to heal. Along with the traffic-less, tree-lined bylanes, carpets of lush green grass and an atmosphere that feels good to breathe, there are also some temples, good options for shopping and eating and a famous Buddhist cave called Pandavleni Caves.