Phool Mahal

The Phool Mahal, or palace of flowers, is the most lavish hall present in the Mehrangarh Fort. Built by Maharaja Abhaya Singh in the 18th century, it was the site where he would be entertained by female dancers. It is less easily accessible as compared to the other rooms of the fort, indicating the private use and exclusivity of this room. The design and style of the room can remind one of the extravagances entertained by the royals of Jodhpur.

As this room was intended for leisure and thus, the Maharaja was not hesitant to decorate it. It is, in fact, the most ornate hall of the fort. The idea of the design was to make it look like a beautiful flower, thus the name ‘Phool Mahal’. The hall is decked with gold, with the ceiling being inlaid with gold filigree. There are glass windows and mirrors within to amplify the magnificence. There is a marvellous and pleasing splash of colours as a result of the palette used to create this wonder. Many beautiful portraits and paintings of the 18th century may be found, especially those from the famed Raga Mala series, combined with furniture from the British period to enhance the glory of the room. The place is abundantly adorned with gold as a sign of royal splendour.